BOK has a strong mapping fraternity and has a proud record of producing excellent orienteering maps over the years. With the advent of urban orienteering there has been an explosion in the number of maps that have been created by the club.

Useful resources and links for Klub mappers will be available on this page. The 'Basic Orienteering Mapmaking' document is the second version of Trevor Crowe's original and now includes more detail on georeferencing and LIDAR data. There is also information about exporting completed maps to tablets and smartphones.

IOF specifications for forest (ISOM) and urban (ISSOM) maps are here. The final draft of a revision to the ISOM 2000 spec has recently been released (Jan 2016) together with a revised symbol set. Suggested changes include making high fences and walls 'uncrossable' features, and mandating that brown features should not overlap - an issue for us in areas such as Stock Hill.