BOK events and SI Active dibbers

You may know from recent advertising that Sportident have announced a new range of dibbers - the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), which can work either like a conventional dibber or, if the control boxes are so programmed, as a contactless dibber that only requires the SIAC to pass within 50cm of the control. The Klub has updated the software of our control boxes to be compatible with the new technology. However, we believe that when operating in contactless mode, the control boxes use up their batteries around 10 times quicker than conventional punching.  The boxes then have to be returned to the manufacturer for replacement batteries at a cost of £16 each.  We own about 100 controls so using this mode all the time would lead to considerable additional expense and inconvenience for the club. BOK Committee has therefore taken the decision to limit the use of the contactless mode to those events where it is particularly appropriate. Competitors using SIAC cards should continue to dib conventionally at BOK events, unless the event information states that the contactless mode is active.