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  • Posted on Fri 22 July 2016
    Congratulations to the top three on each course, especially the winners! Owain and Tereza triumphed over more experienced orienteers with victories in their first ever urban orienteering seasons on the Long and Medium courses, and Ella dominated the Short course from the outset, winning an impressive seven events. 
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  • Posted on Fri 15 July 2016

    British Orienteering have now (21st July) rescinded the 'ban on headcams' statement of 12th July.

    The new O-Safe 'Safeguarding, image taking & the using of images' document can be downloaded...

  • Posted on Thu 14 July 2016

    The scores are pretty close between Mark Burley, Cecilie Anderson, Nick Gracie and Owain Jones. However Tom Dobra is also in with a very good chance of winning - if he comes in the top 8 and the others don't improve on their previous positions, he will swoop in and take the title. It will be close between him and Owain though - if Owain can replicate his 2nd place of Dursley, he's the most...

  • Posted on Thu 7 July 2016

    Mark Burley takes over the lead in the points table after 10 events in the Urban and Park Series, with the best 6 races scoring. The full table is attached.

  • Posted on Sun 3 July 2016

    Congratulations to the BOK Juniors who have won the 2016 Yvette Baker Trophy.

    Full results here.