Summer Series Race 1 - Stoke Bishop University Halls, Bristol - 3rd May 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 18:00 to 20:30
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Local Event
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Urban Series
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Organiser’s Comments

With 85 competitors, this year’s race at Stoke Bishop was another success for UBOC. Plenty of hard work was done by Ben Mitchell and his assistant (true planner) Matthew Pickering to produce some superb courses – thank you to them. We had a few late permissions issues resulting in map corrections and a long list of start lane notices; sorry for this and thank you for your understanding and perfect compliance. For next year, we’ll get the ball rolling a little earlier to try to prevent this again. For a university club with high people turnover, hosting such a race is always a huge commitment and it is pleasing to receive all the positive feedback.

Of course, none of this wouldn’t have happened without the help of nearly all active members of UBOC: Megan Carter-Davies, Tom Dixon, Lawrence Jones, Abi Kerr, Mark Libby, Tracy Tse, Kit Grierson, Rory Burford, Michael Lai, Magnus Ross, Abi Bateman, Tracy Tseng and Rachel Khan. A huge thank you also to several members of BOK for which we are ever grateful: Simon St. Legere-Harris and Miffy Treherne (first aid and permissions), Pete and Jo Foster (download) and Mike Forrest (general support). Finally, thank you to the university halls staff for being so supportive of our event.

TrailO Planner’s Comments

As the first TrailO I had planned for public use without any form of mentor, I thought it went rather well. Uptake was modest at only 20 out of the 85 who ran in the FootO, perhaps due to having to leave it unstaffed. Problem 1 was there to get you started, while problem 2 was intended to give you an idea of what a zero (no kite correct) is – clearly, I made it too subtle, as it was the least well-done control on the course. However, all the competitors must have got to grips with the concept, as the final two controls were meant to be the hardest, but were the best done! Next time, I’ll set problem 5 as a zero, as I was intending to do originally. On problem 6, several punched E when the control descriptions said you had a choice of only A or Z – read them – but perhaps I should place some tape to exclude the other visible controls in future. An additional warning: if you punch two boxes, you will be marked wrong (I was lenient when people pen-annotated this time) – if you think you punched the wrong one, don’t correct it as you may have got it right. Finally, have a go at the standard course at the British TrailO Championships this weekend – EOD available.

Tom Dobra