BOK Junior League

BOK Junior League

The BOK Junior League provides an exciting and sociable opportunity for younger members to experience competitive orienteering in and around Bristol. League scores are based on results from a series of BOK Local events, held between September and May each year. 

Prizes for each junior course will be presented at the BOK Club Dinner alongside the other annual awards. 

Schools' prizes also available for the top scoring primary and secondary schools.

For the 2021-22 orienteering season the following events are included in the BOK Junior League:

9 Oct 2021  Ashton Court, Bristol
6 Nov 2021  Bathampton Down, Bath
29 Jan 2022  Ashton Hill Plantation, Bristol
19 Feb 2022  Clevedon Court Estate
13 Mar 2022  Dolebury Warren
8 May 2022  Wavering Down





League results as the season progresses in 2021-22 are available here for juniors.

A range of courses will be available at each event; these are our recommendations. *

 Course  Suggested Age Group
 White  Under 11 & newcomers
 Yellow  11-12
 Orange  13-14 
 Light Green  15
 Green  16 and over


Points are awarded based on each competitor's position within their course; 100 for first, 99 for second etc. A runner's overall position within the League is based on their 4 best scores on the same course.  Runners will need to be members of BOK** to score in the Junior League. Results and League scores will be published on the BOK website after each event.

If you have any questions about the league, contact BOK Juniors .

Full Rules can be viewed through the link below.

* Fair Play Rule:- The league is designed to inspire junior members to take part in competitive orienteering. It is not just a chance to collect silverware! It is important that, regardless of age, juniors run a course that challenges them, without being put off. If the league organisers feel a junior is competing on courses that are far too easy for them, we may, in the spirit of the competition, get in touch to suggest they move onto a harder course. 

**Membership of BOK is triggered by joining British Orienteering. Membership is annual, aligned with the calendar year. Newcomers can join in November or December for the forthcoming year. Members of other British Orienteering clubs are also eligible to take part in the League, but must provide their BO number when registering. 

The scoring events for the 2019/2020 season were:

22 Sept 2019  Ashton Court, Bristol
19 Oct 2019  Bathampton Down, Bath
24 Nov 2019  Blaise Castle, Bristol
12 Jan 2020  Sandford & Lyncombe Hill
29 Feb 2020  Warmley Forest Park
14 May 2020  Clevedon Court Estate, Clevedon
31 May 2020  Yoxter Ranges, Mendips - CANCELLED