BOK Local League

BOK Local League

The BOK Local League is open to all senior runners (M/W 18 and above). The League is comprised of all BOK Local events held between September and July each year. Any orienteer is welcome to run at our Local events and score in the League, though trophies will only be awarded to BOK members.

Junior runners are able to run at the same events and participate in the BOK Junior League.

For the 2021-22 orienteering season the following events are included in the BOK Local League:

9 Oct 2021  Ashton Court, Bristol
6 Nov 2021  Bathampton Down, Bath
29 Jan 2022  Ashton Hill Plantation, Bristol
19 Feb 2022  Clevedon Court Estate
13 Mar 2022  Dolebury Warren
8 May 2022  Wavering Down





League results as the season progresses in 2021-22 are available here for seniors and here for juniors.

The following courses at each event will be included in the 2021-22 Local League. Other courses may be available at the event but will not accrue league points.

 Light Green


Points are awarded based on each competitor's position within their course; 100 for first, 99 for second etc. A runner's overall position within the League is based on their 4 best scores. Results and League scores will be published on the BOK website after each event.

The final results from the curtailed 2019-20 Local League season are here.