This page provides information to help those who have volunteered to organise, plan or control a BOK event.  Officials need to have an understanding of the Rules of Orienteering, particularly those sections that apply to their role.  British Orienteering also provides further guidance for each role:

More specific guidance on how events are run within Bristol Orienteering Klub is in the Organiser's Manual below.  There are also templates for flyers and risk assessments.  Further assistance can be obtained from club committee members, particularly the Permissions Officer for land access, the Mapping Officer for map issues and the Treasurer for assistance with financial issues.  The squad leaders are available to provide guidance on issues that affect their squads.  The Fixtures Officer can assist with any other questions.

The club has standardised on OCAD software for mapping and Condes software for planning all events.  Details of Condes can be viewed on the following site, , where a limited version can be downloaded for trial purposes. The full version requires an activation key that planners and controllers can obtain from the mapping officer.  There is also a guide to the software below.