BOK Awards

A brief guide to the origins of the named trophies can be found at the bottom of this page.  Performance based awards are decided on the year ending at the JK.

  Janet Beesley Trophies BOK Award Huw O'Brien Trophy Denham Trophy   Don Jones Trophy Services to the Klub
Most Promising Boy Most Promising Girl Best Performance Highest Ranked M40 Highest Ranked MALE HIGHEST RANKED FEMALE Most Improved Veteran
2018 Guy Owen Bryony Stagg Owain Jones Geoff Ellis Adam Potter Cecilie Andersen Miffy Treherne John Simmons
2017 Oli Tonge Jess King Cecilie Andersen Geoff Ellis Clive Hallett Cecilie Andersen Alice Owen Howard Thomas
2016 Jim Bailey Ruby Owen Alison Simmons Geoff Ellis Adam Potter Cecilie Andersen Howard Thomas Mark Blackstone
2015 Harry Stagg Sofie Andersen Mark Saunders Matt Leathwood Adam Potter Cecilie Andersen Tommi Grover Katy Dyer
2014 Joe Hudd Millie Stagg Dudley Budden Peter Stagg Duncan Birtwistle Cecilie Andersen Christian Saxtoft Dave Urch
2013 Eddie Narbett Cecilie Andersen Adam Potter Paul Gebbett Clive Hallett Alice Bedwell David Hanstock Tony Noott
2012 Zac Hudd Lucy Tonge Mark Bown Paul Gebbett Clive Hallett Alice Bedwell Chris King Clare Fletcher
2011 Michael Hallett Chloe Potter Matt Crane Ifor Powell Matt Crane Grace Crane John Simmons Anne Donnell
2010 Cameron Davies Shona Simmons Alice Bedwell Paul Gebbett Matt Crane   Alison Simmons Jim Hayward
2009 Adam Potter Abigail Kerr Alice Bedwell Ifor Powell Clive Hallett   David Parkin Tricia Walker
2008 Ben Maliphant Jessie Benjamin Mark Saunders Clive Hallett Clive Hallett   Katy Dyer Jackie Hallett
David Maliphant
Rosemary Hurford
Anne Donnell
Clive Hallett
Clive Hallett
Anne Palmer
Ashley Cooper
2006 Tom Helfer Rachel Helfer Mark Saunders Clive Hallett Clive Hallett   Sally Thomas Phil Warry
2005 Huw Stradling Isla Simmons Clive Hallett Clive Hallett Andy Creber   Liz Stradling Margarette Parker
2004 Ed Wright Nichola Johnson Jackie Hallett Clive Hallett Andy Creber   Nick Dennis Pete Foster
2003 Will Wright Hilary Dyer Gavin Clegg Mark Saunders Pete Maliphant   Chris Kelsey Katy & Mark Dyer
2002 Greg Fawkner-Corbett Holly Daniel Laura Daniel David Hunt Anne Donnell   Robin Walker Paul Johnson
2001 Mark St Leger-Harris Francis Beedie Jackie Hallett Mark Saunders Clive Hallett   David Hunt David Urch
2000 Matthew Lyle Rosemary Dyer Ifor Powell Iain Rochford Pat Grenfell   John Sadd Mike Nelson
1999 Peter Sibley Laura Daniel Iain Rochford Charles Daniel Anne Donnell   Robin Watkinson Trevor Griffiths
1998 Phil St Leger-Harris Jane Forrest Oli Johnson Gavin Clegg     Judy Johnson Mary Nelson
1997 Adam Heath Charlotte Daniel John Rix David Christmas     Helen Kelsey Dennis Hamment
1996 Alex Rothman Ruth Forrest Anne Donnell Gerry Ashton     Jo Foster John Lewis
1995 Matt Palmer Ruth King Jackie Hallett Gerry Ashton     Paul Johnson Mike Forrest
1994 Oli Johnson Quita Westcott Alice Bedwell Edward Forman     Christine King Janet & Roger Beesley
1993 Jeremy Ivens Christine Ashton Clive Hallett John Rix     Susan Ashton Mark Blackstone
1992 Chris Palmer Nicola King John Rix       David Palmer Ken Wilkins
1991 Daniel Coombs Jenny Davis Jenny Bowen-Davis       John Higgins Pat & John Grenfell
1990 Sarah Beesley Alice Bedwell       Mike Colyer Edward Forman
1989 Katherine Ivens David Christmas       Clare Fletcher Margaret Parker
1988 Justin Howell Jackie Davis       Trevor Griffiths Anne Donnell
1987 Tim Lenton Clive Hallett       Jane Lenton Chris Derrick
1986 Rupert Gladstone         Barry Stephens Don Jones
1985 Adam Kent         Jenny Gladstone Stella Jones
1984 Matthew Richards         Mary Nelson Ivor Price
1983 Kate Bickerstaff         Anne Donnell Elizabeth & Roy McIntyre
1982 Richard Parkin         Tony Noott Dudley Budden
1981 Daniel Duke         Pat Grenfell Jenny Colyer
1980             Mike Nelson

BOK Volunteer of the Year

2017      John Fielder

2018      Helen Kelsey


BOK Trophies and Awards

Janet Beesley Awards (for Most Promising Juniors)

Janet Beesley, with husband Roger and their three children, was a stalwart supporter of BOK and the Avon Schools Orienteering Association (ASOA, now ASO). The trophies for most promising junior boy and junior girl (constructed and presented to the Klub by Don Jones in 1990) were dedicated to the memory of Janet who died in 1994.


Huw O'Brien Trophy (for Highest Ranked M40)

The trophy for Highest Ranked M40 (part funded by donations from NGOC and the North West Orienteering Club in New Zealand) is dedicated to the memory of Huw O'Brien who died while orienteering at an event at Cleeve Hill. It was first awarded in 1993.


Don Jones Trophy (for Most Improved Veteran)

The trophy for the Most Improved Veteran (first awarded in 1981) was made by Don Jones, from Rolls-Royce turbine engine blades. Don was a very active mapper, planner and organiser; after he passed away in 2002 the trophy was named in his honour.


The Denham Trophy

The Denham Trophy was donated in 1998 by Denis Hamment, to be awarded to the highest scoring Klub member on the BOF Ranking List.It is now presented to the highest ranked male with a new, as yet unnamed, award given to the highest ranked female. Denis was one of the longest serving members of the Klub, having acted, inter alia, as Permissions Officer and Klub Treasurer (for eight years).


BOK Honorary Life Members

Appointed 2017

Mark Blackstone

Appointed 2016

Tony Noott

Appointed 2015

Dudley Budden

Bob Mann

Veda Mann

Robin Walker

Tricia Walker

Appointed 2013

Denis Hamment

Pat Grenfell

John Grenfell

Margarette Parker

John Parker

Appointed 1996

Anne Donnell

Ian Kerr

John Lewis

Elizabeth MacIntyre

Roy MacIntyre

Mary Nelson

Mike Nelson

Barbara Price

Ivor Price

Derek Walker