Compass Sport Cup and Trophy Qualifier

Compass Sport Cup and Trophy Qualifying Event

Level B

Sunday 13 March 2016

Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean


The Compass Sport Cup is the British Clubs Orienteering Championships started by CompassSport Founder Ned Paul in 1982. Clubs are categorised into small (Trophy - 13 scorers) and large (Cup - 25 scorers) clubs. The Competition consists of an initial round in Spring and a Final round in the autumn. Prizes are provided for by CompassSport. 

BOK won the Cup in 2013 and 2014, Forth Valley won it in 2015.

Details of 2016 Compass Sport Competition here. BOK is hosting one of the seven qualifying rounds, all to be held on 13th March. In the qualifiers at Cannop Ponds, BOK will be competing against DEVON and NGOC in the Cup event, and, Quantock, Swansea Bay and South Wales compete in the Trophy event.

Team results now available here. Congratulations to BOK, winners of the Cup heat, and Swansea Bay, winners of the Trophy heat.
Individual results by class and course here.
RouteGadget courses and maps here.
Post Event Comments:

Planner’s Comments

I was asked to plan the Compass Sport Qualifier about a year ago and looked forward to planning on a map that had just been used for the British Relays.  I had enjoyed my relay run and felt that the map offered a variety of challenges.  The biggest challenge of all was reining in my enthusiasm and making sure I planned courses of the right physical and technical challenge for all age categories.  I also wanted to provide variety, fun and keep people in terrain for as long as possible.  I was very fortunate to be working with Mike as Controller.  He allowed me the freedom to express myself with the introduction of butterfly loops for many of the courses; I saw this as a big fun point.  Mike and I also met up on the area under very heavy conditions and agreed that my initial courses were a little on the long side and made some changes, but changes that I hope kept sustained orienteering throughout.  Since our combined visit the area has dried up a little with the going becoming a bit faster, and was also the case for the new map extension to the south.  I hope that those who were able to venture that far were able to enjoy the longer legs through the terrain that this part of the map offered.

Putting on an event is very much a team effort, and I must thank Mike for his observations as Controller, Howard for ensuring that all the necessary support was in place for the event, All the BOK members who helped, especially when volunteering to collect controls at the end of a long day.  I would also like to thank Carol who kindly put controls out on the white and yellow this morning, which game the the opportunity to 'wake up' all the controls on the area so that everyone could have a nice fast transition through their controls.

Geoff Ellis


Organiser’s Comments

We were fortunate in having the opportunity to return to Cannop Ponds so soon after the British Relay Champs of 2015 and on this occasion we were able to benefit from a long overdue extension of the map on the southern end of the area. Although only those on the longer courses went that far, more of you enjoyed the challenge of a set of ‘butterfly’ controls in the middle of the map. On the day it was a real pleasure to wake up to glorious Spring weather with sunshine and very little wind. We also had the luxury of a very convenient parking field with all the assembly facilities nearby. Speech House offers orienteers quite special opportunities, not least because of the great forest areas on either side of the road and optimum assembly and parking combinations, but also because we are always given a warm welcome by the owners and staff of Speech House, who on this occasion also provided refreshments, assuming that you could pass the first navigational test to find the way in to the marquee.

For the CSC/T event the organiser has to communicate with club captains to ensure that entry lists are properly processed. I want to thank all the captains for their cooperation pre-event and their patience post event while we adjusted the results of one or two runners who landed up in the wrong category.

To put the event on, the host club has to rely mainly on those who are competing to act as volunteers. It is therefore not as easy to staff for the various tasks as it is for a ‘normal’ event. I want therefore to extend a very warm thanks to all those who helped to deliver the event both pre-event and on the day.

My final thanks go firstly to Geoff Ellis, the Planner, who by general consent produced excellent courses, characterised by their inventiveness and variety; and secondly to Mike Edwards, the Controller, who provided real insight and support both to the Planner and the Organiser.

On behalf of BOK the host club, I congratulate most warmly the excellent performances of our fellow competitor clubs, whose results were of very high quality despite often a relatively low number of runners entered.

Howard Thomas

BOK/Event Organiser

Lost Property

1 x Regatta black fleece hat

1 x child’s green gilet with fleece lining and a small amount of money in one of the pockets