BOK Local Event & ASO - Pen Hill, Wells - 9th March 2019
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Local Event
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BOK Local and Junior League
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0117 9684173
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Set high on the Mendips, Pen Hill is a hidden gem of open spaces, steep valleys and mixed woodland. This limestone escarpment topped with Old Red Sandstone faces south and stands high over the Somerset flood plain. The land is carefully managed for pheasant rearing and mixed grazing and retains many of the old agricultural boundaries. There is grazed and rough open pasture, standing seed crops for the pheasants and extensive plots of mature beech and coniferous woodlands. Newer plantations have grown since the turn of the century and these are beginning to reveal previously hidden characteristics. The features on the limestone substrate include potholes and sink holes, small crags and streams. Pen Hill is indeed a place of many contrasts which will challenge any orienteer.

Standing tall above the whole hill and dominating the landscape for miles around is the giant mast of the Mendip Transmitting Station, 293m tall. However you are unlikely to find the mast of much help with your navigation. Better to follow your map and compass!

Note: there is a Western Night League event on the same area on the Saturday evening.

The map has been meticulously updated in the last few weeks by Trevor Crowe BOK.

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