BOK runs numerous events through out the year. In order that these events may be properly planned and organised it is necessary for Klub members to undertake these tasks. For this purpose the klub is divided into teams to carry out such duties as Car Parking, Start and Finish. In this way no one need help more than about twice a year. 

BOK events are divided into several categories. 

Events are either: 

Score These take place over a fixed period of time and competitors score points according to the number of control locations visited.
Relay Teams of competitors run their courses in sequence usually with a mass start.
Cross Country Competitors start at interval and have to visit certain control locations in a given order. The fastest is the winner. The majority of events are cross country and are categorised as follows. Informal or Local, Usually of a non-competitive nature, often aimed at a particular orienteering skill.
Colour Coded or District

A selection of colour coded courses ranging from those suitable for the beginner and increasing in difficulty to challenge the most experienced orienteer. The colour denotes the degree of difficulty with the darker the colour the harder the course i.e. White is easy and Brown is hard. Entry formality is minimal, you just turn up on the day, buy a map at Registration on arrival and you are allocated a start time. 

The BOK League and the Avon Schools Orienteers (ASO) League events consist of colour coded courses. ASO members compete as individuals and for their school on a course according to their school year. BOK members can compete in the BOK League on the course of their choice and points are awarded for performance and helping. 

The South West Gallopen League is a series of colour coded events for members of SWOA and are organised by clubs throughout the south west region In these leagues, points are scored according to the time taken in relation to the winner's time on your course. About eight of each league events are held through the season with usually your best six to count. 

Badge or Regional Badge events are held through out the UK and there are about four a year in the south west. Competitors run on courses according to their age/sex, the technical and physical difficulty of the course varies accordingly. There are 'A' & 'B' (hard & easy) classes for Juniors and Long & Short courses for Seniors. Badges are awarded according to the standard achieved. BOK organises one Badge or a National event each year, the BOK Trot.
National There are eight National events held each year throughout Britain with one in the south west. These are similar to Badge events but of a higher standard of difficulty. 
The J.K. (Jan Kjellström) International Festival This annual event is organised in turn by the regions and therefore take place in various parts of the country. Everyone can take part. The courses are of similar standard to the National event.
British Championships This takes place annually in various regions of the UK. You must be a full BOF member to take part.

These are more navigationally challenging than day events. National and Regional Night Championships take place each year. BOK members also compete in the Western Night League; a series of score events held in and around Bristol. 

Because of the inherent risks involved with night orienteering, the klub requires that all competitors must carry a whistle and a backup light. The organiser may also require runners to wear an article of high visibility and/or reflective clothing, and, if the weather justifies it, wear or carry a waterproof hooded jacket.

String Course A String course has now become a popular feature at many events. Provided for young children with very little knowledge or skill of orienteering. They follow the string, and using a specially prepared map, visit controls on the way. Although it is not intended to be of a competitive nature the youngsters are usually timed and enjoy emulating the older competitors. 

Start times

Saturday events normally take place in the afternoon, except for pre-entry events when competitors are informed of their start times. At Sunday events registration usually opens at 9.30am, with start times typically from 10.30am to 12.30pm. These times do vary, especially for pre-entry events. It is always advisable to check with the event contact before travelling. 


If you are interested in sharing transport to an event you should contact the klub member who arranges sharing or a member in your area. A membership list will be sent to you when you join the klub. Many members share on a regular basis. 


During the summer months Informal events are organised for you to practice orienteering skills, with tuition if required. 

Weekly training runs are also held for the more active followed by an informal chat in a pub. You do not have to do the run to attend. 

Each summer there is a camping weekend when there are training sessions as well as social events. 

Details of all these are in BOKNews and on this web site.