Orienteering Videos

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Orienteering - The adventure sport for all!

From: BritishOrienteering (YouTube Profile)

Description: A brief introduction to orienteering

This clip is from "The Orienteering DVD" produced by British Orienteering.
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Orienteering for beginners

From: OrienteeringBoy (YouTube profile)

Description: Alex (aged 11) has made a short introduction to orienteering. It stars his brother Edward.

This video demonstrates the SportIdent (SI) electronic punching system that we use for most of our events.

Please note that despite what Alex says in the video, a control description holder and compass are not essential for a beginner's course.


Sprint Orienteering Training Tips

From: OrienteeringBoy (YouTube profile)

Description: Sprint orienteering tips from the first event of the 2007 Sussex Sprint Championships. Starring Nick Barrable (Ex-British Champion). By Alex Lines (M12)