BOK Juniors qualify for the Yvette Baker Trophy Final at a blistering Wavering Down

High temperatures and exposed hillsides didn’t deter the BOK Junior squad from putting in a set of high quality performances in the Yvette Baker Qualifier at the Wavering Down Regional Event.  The team came 1st, achieving a score of 897, taking them forward to the final in July.

BOK Coordinator for the Yvette Baker Trophy, Steve Lee-Jones, commented “This is a great result and reflects real achievements across a range of different classes for the whole team.  Everyone played a part in the team’s success.”

Nine top scoring juniors ‘counted’ towards the team overall score of 897 points.  Top three placed runners were:

Guy Owen Green Boys 100
Iris Massie Yellow Girls 100
Olivia Andrews Orange Girls 100
Marcus Perry Light Green Boys 100
George Gracie Orange Boys 100
Emily Elms Green Girls 100
Amy Lee-Jones Green Girls 99
Megan Wareing Light Green Girls 99

Tessa Johnson

Yellow Girls 99

Joe Freeston

Orange Boys 99

Finlay Anderson

Green Boys 99

Isabelle Tonge

Light Green Girls 98

Lucie Constantin

Yellow Girls 98

Freya Beynon

Orange Girls 98


Well done to the Junior team, and good luck in the final!

Full team results.

Amy Lee-Jones
Amy Lee-Jones at the SWJOS stall just after completing her race.

In addition, the Wavering Down event was a Regional level race, with color coded courses from White through to Brown.

The long Brown course was tough in the heat, with runners covering much further than the 8.9km straight line. The averages seemed to be closer to 12km as most competitors tried to avoid the steep hills and additional climb - with over 400m of climb it was already quite brutal!.  The course was won by Ben Chesters (M40) of Devon in 64:06, with Robert Elston (M21) of UBOC in 2nd and Tom Perry (M18) of Devon in 3rd.

Jason Falconer (M50) of WSX won the Blue course (6.2km) in 51:23, with Matthew Owen (M55) of BOK only a minute behind in 2nd, and Harry Bratcher-Howard (M16) of WIM completing the top 3 positions.

The Green course (5km) was dominated by the BOK Juniors who were running the Yvette Baker.  Guy Owen (M18) of BOK was 1st in 39:55, Emily Elms (W18) of BOK was 2nd, and Finlay Anderson (M18) of BOK in 3rd.

Short Green (3.4km) was won by Meredith Moody (W21) of BOK in 36:34, 2nd Gareth Beynon (M50) of BOK, and 3rd Graham Pearson (M60) of QO.

Marcus Perry (M14) of BOK won the Light Green (3.9km) in 32:30, with Sam Cottle (M21) in 2nd, and Monty Bratcher-Howard (M14) of WIM in 3rd.

The Orange course (2.9km) was won by George Gracie (M16) of BOK in 29:36, with Xavier Keirle (M12) in 2nd, and Alice French (W12) of WIM in 3rd.

Yellow (1.8km) was won by Iris Massie (W10) of BOK in 26:59, with Tessa Johnson (W12) of BOK in 2nd, and Katharine Hinchliffe (W12) in 3rd.

The White course (1.2km) was won by Max Landrigan (M10) of BOK in 12:21, with James Hinchliffe (M10) in 2nd, and Iris Landrigan (W10) of BOK in 3rd.

Full results / splits / routegadget.

Thank you to Diana Nicoll (Organiser), Jim Hayward and Mike Turner (Planners), and Damian Wilson (Controller) for all of their efforts in putting these races on.  We wouldn’t have such high quality events without the dedication of all of our volunteer teams - a big thanks to everyone that helped on the day.

The next regional level event is at Shepton Mallett on the 29th May.

A few photos from the event are available on Flickr