BOK successes at JK 2019

Easter weekend saw many club members running at the annual JK Orienteering Festival. The event consisted of a sprint race at Aldershot, followed by middle and long distance individual races near Frimley and Newbury respectively and the final race being a relay.

There were some great successes over the weekend, with star of the show probably being Cecilie Andersen, who managed 2nd place in the Womens Elite class in the sprint, just 5 seconds behind Megan Carter-Davies. Cecilie followed this up with great performances in the Middle and Long races, taking 3rd place in the combined results of these two races. She then led a very young relay team, with Chloe Potter and Lucy Tonge to 4th place in the Womens Premier Relay class. Chloe also had two great results in the Sprint and middle distances races in her forest year as a senior, with two top 10 finishes. It was also good to see her older brother, Adam, returning to some good form, with probably his best result for a while with a top 10 in the middle distance race.

Alison Simmons won W60 class in the Sprint race and overall in the combined, middle and long distance races, winning the long race, but was beaten by Jackie Hallett in the middle distance race. Alison then joined Alice Bedwell and Karen Crawford to take second place in the W165+ relay.

Jim Bailey won M16 in the sprint and finished 2nd in the combined middle and long distance races.

Others on the podium in the individual races included:

Molly Pilling - 1st in W16B in forest races
Oliver Tonge - 2nd= M16 Sprint
Mark Saunders - 2nd in M60 in forest races
Clive Hallett - 3rd in M55 in forest races
Alice Bedwell - 2nd W55 sprint race

(Final results not yet available - so probably missed a few)

In the relays the team of Phil Murray, Mark Saunders and Clive Hallett led the way, by taking the win in the M165+ class.

Lost Property

Left in the BOK area in the JK Relay arena - a pair of VJ Integrator shoes, size 9.5.

JK relays 2019