Thank you to everyone who turned out to run in the Compass Sport Cup Heat today and surviving the mud (I hope you all made it out of the car park ok).

It looks like we have successfully navigated our way through the heat, with a win over Devon in 2nd place. The final should take place in October, at Sutton Park, Birmingham.

Our 25 scorers today (with points - 100 for first, 99 second etc.) were:

100 - Clive Hallett, Alice Bedwell, Jim Bailey

99 - Tim Britton, Alison Simmons, Phil Murray, Chris Kelsey, Rachel Dennis, Michael Hallett

98 - Clare Howes, Charles Daniel, Ruby Owen, Rachel Leathwood, Jackie Hallett, Oliver Tonge

97 - Karen Crawford, Owain Jones

96 - Laura Britton, Matthew Owen, Trevor Griffiths, Tommi Grover

95 - Louise Tonge, Pranas Germanavičius

94 - (two from) Christine King, Sara Currie, Emma Johnson, John Simmons, Caroline Potter (I think I'll take Sara and Emma's scores, as it was first time out for both of them for the club!)

Paul Gebbett, Club Captain