BOK Media Team

After being the master of the BOK website for over 10 years, John Simmons has decided it is time to retire from the role. He has done such an excellent job for so long and we all thank him very much, but now we are in desperate need of help.

We are therefore looking for someone with an interest in keeping our BOK website up to date, user friendly, informative and attractive to join our Media team. You do not have to be experienced in website management as we can design a role around your skills and interests, and can teach you at your own pace, but a keen Interest in using the internet for news, communications and doing research would be ideal.

The "Media" team consists of Scott Bailey, the technical Webmaster who will continue to be responsible for the deep technical content management system and back end stuff (that only he, John and a few other people understand!) and Amy Curtis who will continue to deal with BOK Publicity by writing the monthly newsletters, create our online and printed publicity and our press coverage.

The work can be done at your own convenience, and John is happy to spend time handing over the role he has done and to help support the role going forward in training. We are always looking for ways to improve our communication so new ideas and experiences would be more than welcomed.

Please would anyone interested in taking over the role contact either Scott Bailey or John Simmons at or Amy Curtis at who will both be happy to have a chat with you about it.