BOK EVENT SAFETY WORKSHOP for organisers, controllers and planners

All organisers, planners and controllers are invited to attend an orienteering Event Safety Workshop in Bristol. Attendance at the Workshop is aimed primarily at Level A, B and C  event organisers, but organisers of any event and all controllers, planners and interested orienteers are more than welcome too. Event safety is ultimately the result of the combined efforts of the organiser and planner and controller of any level of event.

Date: Tues 17 January (now confirmed).

Time: 7pm to 10pm.

Venue: Bristol. University of West of England.

Tutor: Katy Dyer BOK

Content: Interactive review of all aspects of event safety, both on and off the course for competitors, spectators and volunteers, including search and rescue and risk assessment.

Details are in the event calendar.

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