BOK Virtual Sprint Series 2020 Results

Over the autumn we have had a mini-series of virtual sprint races available on our UsynligO app.  These have been used by many of you and we have tallied up the results from across the 5 races.

As a reminder there were 2 classes available, Open and Vets, and each class had a Heat and Final course with predicted winning times of 15 mins for our very fastest orienteers in each class.  

Scoring across the series was based on a maximum of 1000 points for the fastest combined time in both the heat and final for each course, and scores then given based on comparison to the fastest time.

Congratulations to Chloe Potter on winning the Open Class and Chris Johnson on winning the Vets Class.  

The table of scores for each course are below:

Open Courses:
1st Chloe Potter
2nd Megan Wareing
3rd Daniel Wareing

VSS 2020 Open Results

Vets Courses:
1st Chris Johnson
2nd David Potter
3rd Caroline Potter

VSS 2020 Vets Results

The full results for each course are available using the following links:

Rodway Hill
Kingswood East 
Troopers Hill 
Stoke Park & Purdown 

(Note: The results in these links are reliable, however the splits in these links are not due to a quirk of downloading from UsynligO into Winsplits)

The courses are still available as permanent sprint training areas here: