Club Captain Introduction

Scott Bailey

Hi everyone,

I am writing to introduce myself, as I have volunteered to take over from Paul Gebbett as club captain. The formal approval of me taking on the role will be at the club AGM later in the year.

For those of you that I haven't yet met, I am married to Amy Curtis (our Publicity Officer) and we have two children, Grace and Jim. Our journey into orienteering as a family started with Jim getting involved with his school Orienteering Club, and me realising that shadowing him around a course meant that I needed to be slightly fitter than I was! It was clear, even in the first year of joining the club, that this was the first sport in my life that I actually enjoyed, and soon was volunteering to help run the website with John Simmons. Over the years I have also learnt other new skills such as mapping and more recently organising events.

I remember when we joined over 10 years ago how in awe I was at the speed of orienteers that had been enjoying our sport for many years.  I asked Clive Hallett at the time how long it might take me to be able to read a map properly and run at the same time; “About 10 years” was his sage advice. Looking back he was pretty accurate but I have enjoyed pretty much every minute of learning on the way.

I now feel privileged and delighted to be able to support the club as our captain. The club captain is a committee role, and one that I will do my best to help the excellent team, led by our chairman Carol Iddles, run the club on your behalf.

My main responsibilities will be to make sure that BOK is well represented at National events, and that we have teams for Relays and the Compass Sport Cup (the National club competition).

As my first task, can I please ask you all to put a provisional date of October 17th 2021 in your diaries for the Compass sport cup final?.  More details to follow, but I will be looking to get as many of us as possible to compete at this race. 

I am also hoping that there will be Relay races restarting soon so that we can compete again in relay teams. One of the things that I am keen to introduce this year is the role of Deputy Captain to help me with the relay team selections (I always think that 2 heads are better than one).  So I am therefore delighted to say that Chloe Potter has agreed to take on this role.  Hopefully, with Chloe’s experience of coming up through the junior ranks, and understanding what it is like to be selected in your first relay teams, we will be able to select amazingly talented relay teams and continue the winning years that we have all enjoyed under ‘Captain Gebbett’

Chloe Potter

Despite the suspension of much of our sport during the pandemic, I am hugely optimistic for the future of Orienteering with BOK.  We have an amazing history (50 Years old in 2021, and the celebrations on September 5th are another date for your diary!), and a dedicated set of volunteers that make sure that we all have races to compete at.  

Here’s to many more years of BOK success!