The Compass Sport Cup is a club competition where the top 25 scorers across the full range of courses from Brown to Orange and where all runners can play their part by knocking points of our competitors, so it will be great to get a big turn out so ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO RUN. BOK finished 3rd in the competition last year and won in 2013 and 2014. This year will be a great opportunity to try to get the Cup back as the final is to be held in October on Dartmoor. But, first we need to get everyone out to beat our local rivals, North Gloucestershire. This year entries are being done on Fabian4 and you will need to enter the classes as per the table below.


Age Class


M21, M35

Short Brown

M20, M40, M45

Blue Women

W21, W35, W40

Blue Men

M50. M55,

Green Women

W20, W45, W50, W55

Green Men

M60, M65

Veterens Short Green

M65+, W60+

Junior Men

M16, M18

Junior Women

W16, W18

Orange Men


Orange Women



There are also Light Green, Yellow and White courses available, but these do not score in the competition.

Entries close on 4th March, but get your entries in as soon as possible and make sure you select a start block if you want a specific one, as I will need to allocate times to our runners.

Details of the event can be found on the South Wales Orienteering Club Website at

Entries should be done here . You will need to pay full entry fee initially, and arrangements will be made to sort subsidise entries at a later date.

Paul Gebbett

Club Captain