Introductory Course on mapping using OCAD

On Saturday 13th January, Chris Johnson is holding an Introductory Course on the use of OCAD for Mapping at his home in Frenchay, North Bristol.

The object of the course is to help novices work efficiently when they begin mapping.

A number of people have already registered for the course at the moment, but we could include another couple of people should anyone be interested. Please contact Chris Johnson using the contact form.

Topics  to be covered include:


  • Beginning a map project
  • Use of drawing tools
  • Legibility
  • Tips for efficiency


  • Finding them and using them
  • OS, Lidar, Aerial Photography & other sources

GEOREFERENCING and handling maps

  • Exporting georeferenced maps


  • BOK template
  • Layout functions

Chris also hopes to hold one or more evening get-togethers for more experienced mappers to discuss more advanced aspects of mapping during February and March, and will provide details as plans develop.

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