Jenny Collyer

We are very sorry to inform you all that we have this week heard of the sad death of former BOK member Jenny Collyer from cancer. Her husband John called Richard Raynsford to tell him the news.

Jenny had only recently emailed Carol with news to put in the 90th Birthday book for Anne Donnell.

"I first went to a local "CATI" at Stock Hill in December 1974 and was hooked. We joined the club and I persuaded John and my two very small children to go to an event at Parkend in February 1975." she wrote.

The Collyers were friends with all the famous names from BOK: the Nelsons, McIntyres, Rochfords, and the Prices. Her husband John ran the Orienteering evening course that Anne Donnell continued after they moved, and they both took an active part in the work of BOK.

Jenny moved to Essex for work, over 30 years ago (they were both teachers); joined SOS (Essex Stragglers) and took an active part in the club. She was Club Captain of SOS, and Jenny and John were editors of the club newsletter. Together they helped instigate the Essex & Suffolk Schools Orienteering League and they drew maps for Permanent Orienteering Courses.

Jenny was still competing; and together with John were still planning courses in early 2020. Jenny was a successful orienteer and represented England. She will be sadly missed by many.

The photo is from the 2013 AGM when she and John were awarded the SILVA award from BOF. (Photograph copyright BOF)

Jenny Collyer