Despite a soggy start, a good number of juniors, both BOK members and otherwise, headed to Ashton Court for the first ever event in the BOK Junior League. There were a number of excellent times, giving the adults on each course a run for their money. It was also very impressive to see a number of juniors volunteering their time to help in control collection and managing the ever-popular string course.


In order to score in the league, runners must be British Orienteering members (either as part of BOK or another club). BOK membership renews each November, so don't worry about joining until then, as you'll have to pay again! 

The next event is at Bathampton Downs, on Saturday 19th October.

Fair Play Reminder

Please remember that if you had any help, either with someone shadowing you or by asking for help out on the course, you should declare yourself NC (non competitive) by writing NC after your name on the entry form, or by letting the download team know after you've finished.