Virtual Sprint Series Autumn 2020

Virtual Sprint Series 2020

Feeling the urge to get back out and train in your own time using our virtual orienteering app?  Then why not take part in our new Virtual Sprint Series 2020.

There will be 5 events over the coming couple of months - with a mix of both Forest Sprint and Urban Sprint. 

The maps are all drawn to sprint specification on a 1:4,000 scale as per the type of map used at national and international sprint races - so perfect for those wanting to hone their sprint racing skills.

Each event will have two classes where the 'winning times' on each course are planned for 15 minutes from our very best orienteers.  Open class is planned for a similar length to the Elite classes at top sprint races - can our local Elites run them in 15 minutes?.  Vet class is planned for a similar length to M/W50+ races.  All courses are available for anyone to give them a go.

Each class has two races per event - a 'heat' race, which is typically slightly longer with less complex navigation, and a 'final' race, which is in the most complex parts of each area.

So you get double the fun at each event - by being able to run 2 races!!  (Just remember to print both maps before you set-off - and preferably double-sided to save on trees :-)

All courses will be released on UsynligO and will be available using the following link for you to print the maps at home:

1st Event - Rodway Common & Pomphrey

The first event in the series is at Rodway Common in Staplehill on a new and updated sprint spec map which has been extended both west and east into more forest - so some new terrain for us to all explore!.  It is slightly unusual, as it is a full Forest Sprint which will really test navigational skills - the sorts of sprint that are more common in Europe than in the UK.

The Vets class does not cross any roads during the races, however the Open class does cross a road in the 'Final', so please take care when crossing this road as traffic can come at speed up the hill.

Races available are:

  • Open Heat - 2.6km
  • Open Final - 2.1km
  • Vets Heat - 1.8km
  • Vets Final - 1.5km

Remember to have fun when training on these courses - and to stay safe. These are virtual races where there are no controls in the terrain.

Rodway Common Map

Details of how to download and use the UsynligO app are on our website at