Ashton Court Permanent Orienteering Course

What to Do

The aim is to navigate around a course and find the concrete control posts which are located at the centre of the numbered circles on your map.  The map symbol Δ shows the start/finish point for all courses. At each control post you will see an orange and white sign with a number and a letter on it.  The number corresponds with the number on your map; you should then write the letter in the box on the answer sheet or enter it into the oriento app. A description of the location of each control post is also given on the answer sheet.

A key skill is setting the map. This means turning the map until the symbols on the map line up with the corresponding features on the ground. This helps to ensure that the correct direction is followed. Use tracks and paths to help navigate to the control posts.

Details of three different courses are on the back of the map.  They are suitable for beginners to experienced orienteers.

What You Need:

The map which you can buy from the golf kiosk for £1.00 (exact money only, as it is otherwise cashless and cannot give change) between dawn and dusk.  A pen or pencil to fill in the answer sheet.

This course (and printable map) is available as a Virtual Orienteering Course using the mobile phone app UsynligO.   The list of available BOK courses is on the UsynligO website.

The Legend

Orienteering maps use different symbols to other maps that you may have used before, for example, Black shows tracks, paths and man-made objects, and Yellow is for open land (usually grass).  There is a legend on the map to provide a description of the map symbols.

Out-of-bounds Areas and Safety

Out-of-bounds areas are marked on the map.  Please do not enter the Deer Park.  Use of the orienteering courses is at your own risk.


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Course Location