BOK and ASO - Blaise Castle, Bristol - 11th November 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 10:30 to 14:30
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Regional Event
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BOK Local League
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If you enjoyed your run at Blaise you might also like to try the Permanent Orienteering Course.  Maps are available from the cafe and you can even download an app to your smartphone to record your progress.  See


Jamie Hayward's picture

Well done to all of those who took part in this event. I had good fun planning, marking and setting out these courses and enjoyed the challenge of creating an original set of courses on such a frequently visited area. Managing the hills ( somewhat of an inevitability at Blaise) was a key consideration and although courses all had significant amounts of incline, I tried to offer route choices by which choosing a longer distance could mitigate some gradient. This was particularly true on the Green course, where some suggestions from Alan (thank you Mr Controller!) allowed a few longer legs with a number of routes available. I have had many comments, most very positive about the courses and enjoyed hearing from a number of Orange runners who enjoyed exploring corner cutting for the first time. The only concerns arose around the length and physical difficulty on the Green course. Although the course was well within parameters, I wonder if it might be time to consider more regular Short Green courses alongside the normal selection, to provide technically challenging opportunities for those wanting a less physical run? Big thanks to the control collectors, who diligently hung around to collect the 9 controls we needed to bring in. I hope the wait wasn't too frustrating. Thanks also to Alan for his diligent and constructive controlling and to Rachel for keeping us all on track and making sure everything was organised to such a high degree. Final thanks to Dave who stood guard over a particularly vulnerable control, despite the pouring rain! Cheers Ta all.
Alan Honey's picture

It was enjoyable working on this event with Rachel and Jamie. They both did an excellent job, even more impressive as it was their first attempt at organising and planning an event like this. Dave Urch was very helpful as a mentor, particularly in guiding Rachel to the things she needed to do and answering her questions. As ever, she was well supported by all the squad leaders. Jamie's courses evolved considerably over the course of his planning, as they do. The end result was fair and interesting, just as it should be. Thank you to all involved. If anyone else is inspired to have a go at planning or organising, please contact Carol Iddles. More volunteers are always welcome and will be well supported.