BOK and ASO Score - Ashton Court, Bristol - 17th September 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 10:15 to 14:15
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Local Event
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BOK/ASO Sunday League
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Score Planner’s Comments

What a turnout! I’m glad so many people came to enjoy the score course today. I obviously managed to make it slightly harder than I was expecting, since I was expecting the course to be cleared in 32 minutes. Planning a 45 minute score on Ashton Court with simple rules was always going to be hard to make it long enough. For those who picked up all the far away controls, I await with intrigue to see which direction and which route choices you made. For those after something a little easier nearer home, I hope you enjoyed what I produced on an ever-changing network of indistinct paths – it was quite a challenge to make something that would work and even then I suspect I introduced a route choice on the white course. Thank you to Jackie Hallett for checking my courses and to Phil Fawkner-Corbett, Dave Urch, Simon St. Legere-Harris and the Jones family for collecting controls, after my UBOC team were exhausted from hosting a fantastic sprint relay yesterday and marshalling the TempO today.

TrailO Planner’s Comments

For of all, a huge thank you to my seven marshals: Liz Cope, Erinna Foley-Fisher, Matthew Pickering (after organising yesterday superbly), Rachel Khan (after driving me to and supporting me round control hanging soon after sunrise this morning), Michael Lai, Sophie Gordon and Lawrence Jones. I’m sorry some of you didn’t have time to complete the course, especially because of providing first aid cover, and my marshals did not have a good warm up, so had a hard time (Liz’s first attempt was on the rather hard station 3). I wanted to provide a fullish length TempO course to show off what elite TrailO is really like, which of course meant balancing making it hard with allowing non-trail orienteers to have a go. There are some good performances on the results and you should all consider attending some elite TrailO next year (JK…). Station 4 appears to have been answered the best, while station 5 had some serious kite placement and lighting issues (which wouldn’t have happened with more planning time and a TrailO controller, and would have been voided in a ranking event if this occurred).


As a planner (and organiser), I’m always open to feedback, both positive and negative, for both parts of today. I realise the TrailO was a major resource hog, so I couldn’t be around the finish to discuss the FootO courses – sorry about that. Just leave me a message, or talk to me at an event soon. If you don’t have my contact details, send your comments to a member of the BOK committee, who will pass them on to me.

Tom Dobra