BOK ASO and Saturday Winter Series - Durdham Down, Bristol - 7th October 2017

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Local Event
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Saturday Series
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Today seems to have gone done very well with some superb, surprisingly challenging courses by Matt showing off parts of the Downs you maybe didn’t know existed. I was impressed by the number and pace of our ASO primary school children on both the white and the string course; you are set to become fine orienteers! This caught us out a little, meaning we had to print extra non-waterproof white maps the day before and ran out of chocolate Freddos on the string; thank you for your patience and we will try to predict numbers better in future.

We were hit by two problems. First, the closure of the nearest gents’ toilets due to vandalism caused some confusion, although I hope nobody was caught embarrassingly short as a result; thank you for your understanding in a location where hiring portaloos is not secure. Secondly, due to a transcription error in preparing multiple map files, controls 5 and 6 on the yellow had incorrect codes on both the map and the descriptions: it should have been 125 and 126, rather than 126 and 127 respectively. Several runners noticed it and well done for being bold enough to carry on, despite our error. Because it does not appear to have affected the overall results, we have decided to let the results stand.

Thank you to all my volunteers, teachers, parents, Matt for planning and Phil for controlling to make today a success!


It’s fantastic to see I’m developing a core of TrailO enthusiasts, and I hope you see how it helps your navigation when running. Today’s course had no super-easy controls plus some classic traps. Generally, you sussed it out, but nobody noticed that the kite was on the wrong bush for control 6: go back for a walk there later and you will see there is a narrow gap between the thickets. It was also pleasing that nobody double-punched, so you’re really getting the hang of it. I’ll plan more when I can, but make sure you have a go at the championship-level TrailO at the JK.

Tom Dobra