Compass Sport Cup&Trophy Final - Moseley Green - 20th October 2013

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RouteGadget for A3 courses (Brown, Blues, Greens, Short Green)

RouteGadget for A4 courses (White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green)

Compass Sport Cup Final 20 October 2013  -  Organiser’s Comments

The organisation of this year’s Compass Sport Cup Final started more than 18 months in advance, with the arrangement of the Assembly field.  A few months later the lessee said to me “we are emigrating to Canada” (sharp intake of organiser’s breath), “but not until 2014” (breath expelled).  Actually, Assembly and part of the competition area are in NGOC territory, and we are most grateful to them for allowing us to use them.  Best wishes to Richard, Claire and family for a new life in Canada.

There were only 2 alternatives for car parking: a wide, all-weather track with firm verges but with a significant climb to Assembly, and a nearer but much wetter and narrower track.  In view of the amount of rain falling before and during the event I am glad I chose the former, but I appreciate this meant a challenging course even before the Start.  Special arrangements on offer for those for whom this presented a difficulty were taken up and much appreciated.

As soon as last year’s event was over, I contacted RR to seek advice.  I am most grateful to John Tullie and Duncan Shiell who were most generous with their help.  Trevor Crowe (BOK) has been a key figure throughout much of this year preparing for entries processing, and Peter Foster (BOK) has put in many hours to master the intricacies of the scoring system and its implementation, with the added back-up of Andrew Leaney of Sportident.  Quite simply, without these people the event would not have run.

BOK operates a more or less permanent squad system for helpers.  This means that the success of an event on the day is down to the squad leaders and the expertise and enthusiasm of their teams.  The Organiser just sets the process in motion.  It is awesome to watch it unfold on the day, a fascinating example of a cooperative society at its best.  Thank you.

On 2 occasions we entered the preliminary stages of a search process for overdue competitors, but as usual in such circumstances the competitors appeared of their own accord before we had got very far.

Many thanks to the team who helped with the set-up and tear-down:  Katy, Karen Crawford, Ira and Wilf, Dave Urch, David Hunt, Alan Honey, Zac and Joe Hudd.  There was a lot to do on the Saturday, and thanks to these guys it was all completed.  Just as welcome was the stay-behind party (same people!) to pack it all up and strip the forest afterwards.

Alan Mackenzie would like to thank the anonymous person who found and handed in his dibber.

There is a little lesson in courtesy to be drawn.  A BOK member encountered a polite but slightly miffed cyclist, who had given way to several orienteers, some of whom had failed to give even the most basic of acknowledgement.  We need to bear in mind that every one of us when out in the forest is an advertisement, good or bad, for the sport.  Few of us are so competitive that we are unable to afford the breath to say “excuse me” or “thank you”.

Lost Property: one pair O-shoes size 5, 2 water containers (one personal one 1-gallon), 1 white sock – wet.  Please apply to the Organiser.

Still missing:  1 purse, 1 dibber.  Any information gratefully received.

Mark Dyer (BOK)