Saturday Series ~ Tor Hill Wood and East Wells

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Local Event
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Saturday Series
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  This was my first attempt at planning and i enjoyed it a lot and appreciated a lot of support and advice from Trevor Crowe. The event was unusual in offering a choice of urban or cross country O and at the finish i had many favourable comments and people seemed to appreciate the offer. I have two apologies to make, on Green#13  the best route involved crossing a gap  ( large hole rather than looking like an intentional break ) in an otherwise uncrossable fence. there was a fallen bough which had damaged the fence a long time ago and the hole in the fence has been in regular use as a crossing point. many competitors reported spending time looking for a more obvious gap or even detouring around it to avoid contravening the uncrossable fence rule and we should have marked it with red/white tape to indicate it was an allowed crossing point. The second apology was on Light Green where there was a locked gate in the Cathedral School. this was noted when the controls were put out and the school promised to open it as the map showed it passable. unfortunately this did not happen and we were let down.Then by the time finishers were reporting it, it was too late to take and action. Thanks everbody for useful feedback.  Tony Lloyd