Summer Series Race 3 - Westbury on Trym - 17th May 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 17:30 to 20:30
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Local Event
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Urban Series
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Strange looking Splitsbrowser graphs caused by final control (102) being out of time-sync, and hence some negative split times.

TrailO Planner's Comments

The rain eventually stopped in time for the TrailO to start. This week was another PreO course of 6 controls, this time plus a timed control of 3 tasks. Hats-off to Owain Jones for scoring a full house and best combined result for this week and Stoke Bishop! Given that I couldn’t find a dedicated runner-free area, I had produce the most entertaining course with limited scope. Controls 1 and 2 provided nice feature-picking introductory problems, while control 3 was there to make sure you saw the A-kite (a FootO control that happened to be in the field of view). Thank you to Clare Howes for spotting that the finish was also visible, hence the change in the control descriptions from A-D to A-E here. The kite on the end of the hedge (well done Megan Carter-Davies for spotting I had used an illegal control description, but I thought the meaning was clear) was a little hard to see. I kept you at that distance to stay clear of runners, but it did allow me to set problem 5 on the fence end, which most people fell for. The final PreO problem was heavily zeroed, perhaps due to my interpretation of the foot of the hill not matching that on the map relative to the vegetation boundary. Had this been a championship course, I would have modified the map. However, I did enforce most of the rules like first answer counts and a double punch is wrong – at elite level it matters – so sorry if you fell foul. The timed control piled on the heat with the only two to get it all correct being the two slowest times. Task 1 on the path was intended to be an easier introduction while the second two required identifying the bits of vegetation. Overall, I thought everyone put in good effort and should strongly consider doing a championship TrailO course – see the TrailO section on the BOF website for details or ask me.

Tom Dobra