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Pos Name Team Club Relay Age Class Time
1st Jess Ward NGOC Welsh Juniors NGOC Primary   11:19
2nd Ollie Boutin Bath Blizzards KPSO Primary   11:29
3rd Sophie Kerswell Rhokettes RHOK Primary   12:27
4th Lillya Bell RHOK round rhe clock RHOK Primary   13:38
5th Oliver Wilmott QO Hares QO Primary   14:11
6th Jessica Bowen RHOKnRoll RHOK Primary   14:12
7th Ella Burton Bath Blitzers KPSO Primary   15:02
8th Harry Randall Tutshill Tornadoes TUTS Primary   15:18
9th Louisa Halsey RHOK Paper Scissors RHOK Primary   15:35
10th Alex Lowe Bath Bewitchers KPSO Primary   16:46
11th Rebecca Hills The Pebbles RHOK Primary   17:15
12th Annie Leese The RHOKetttes RHOK Primary   18:01
13th Erin Toomer QO Otters QO Primary   29:25
14th Freddie Stappard Bath Bounders KPSO Primary   29:51
m11 Tom Beveridge Bath Blazers KPSO Primary   10:53
m7 Alessandro Donati-James Oldfield Ospreys OPJS Primary   17:43