Compass Sport Cup Qualifier - Sunday 12th March at Cwm Lickey, near Cwmbran

The Compass Sport Cup is a club competition where the top 25 scorers across the full range of courses from Brown to Orange and where all runners can play their part by knocking points of our competitors, so it will be great to get a big turn out so ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO RUN. BOK finished 3rd in the competition last year and won in 2013 and 2014. This year will be a great opportunity to try to get the Cup back as the final is to be held in October on Dartmoor. But, first we need to get everyone out to beat our local rivals, North Gloucestershire.

Compass Sport Cup - Qualifying Round

Our qualifying round this year will take place at Fonthill near Tisbury in Wiltshire on Sunday 15th March. It would be good to get everyone out to start the defence of the trophy and we will be up against stiff competition from Southampton, Devon and Berkshire. Please email me at if you would like to run. Please provide BO number, age class and EMIT (not SI) number if you have one.

Compass Sport Cup 2014

Following our success in 2013 we will be looking to defend our Compass Sport Cup title starting with the knock out round on Sunday 16th February at Haytor on Dartmoor.  We will be up against Devon OC who I am sure will be looking for a giant killing on home ground (they are particularly strong in the junior classes) so we need to ensure we get as strong team out as possible and do not underestimate them.

BOK win through to Compass Sport Cup final with top performance

BOK convincingly won the SW regional qualifying round in the Compass Sport Cup at Studland in Dorset on Sunday and will now run in the Final in the Forest of Dean on October 20th. A large group of club members heeded the call to run and they were rewarded by some excellent results against tough competition provided by SOC, DEVON, and NWO.  It was very good to see a full coach and an almost equal number who went by car.

Compass Sport & JK Relays - entry fees support

The Klub has agreed to pay half the entries fees for major relays and Compass Sport Cup this year - if anyone else would like to run at the Compass Sport Cup First Round at Studland on 17th February or the JK Relays on Easter Monday please let Paul Gebbett know.

Entry Fees for Compass Sport Cup will be £4.50 for Seniors and £1.50 for Juniors Entry Fees for JK Relays will be £6.00 Senior and £3.75 junior as log as entries are in by 3rd February (Let Paul know if you want to enter by 31st January to give hem tim to sort suitable teams)

Compass Sport Cup First Round - Entries

Compass Sport Cup First Round is to be held on Sunday 17th February near Studland in Dorset.

Paul Gebbett now needs to start sorting entries, please email him by end of January either using the email address in the BOK address list or through the Klub website if you want to run with details of age class, BOF number, SI Number, preferred start time (Early, Middle or Late) and whether you would like to share transport. Details of entry fees to follow.

Compass Sport Cup Final - Teviothead, Hawick - 30th September 2012


We know it's a long way off (calender and distance wise) and summer has only just arrived, but Paul Gebbett needs to start looking into Coach and accommodation .....

If you could email Paul Gebbet ASAP using the contact form, and let him know if you are planning on running it would be appreciated (and make his life easier).... 

CompassSport Newsletter Award for BOK News

CompassSport Newsletter Awards 2011 - We have just been notified that BOK News has been awarded a CompassSport Newsletter Award for 2011.
This much sought after recognition is awarded annually  to just 10 Club / Association Newsletters across the UK, and it makes it an impressive 5 times in a row for BOK News.
On behalf of all Klub members, many congratulations to Editor Mark Blackstone and his team of Dave Urch, Ben Maliphant and Adam Potter.