Virtual Junior Summer Series

BOK Junior Summer Series 2020

This is a brand-new, local challenge, open to any juniors (and seniors!) in the area. 

The events will be based in the many wonderful parks in and around Bristol and courses are planned so that roads and trickier terrain are avoided for the junior routes. Most are within a larger map available as a virtual urban race, if you fancy making a day of it!

Using the GPS orienteering app, UsynligO, you are able to print maps from home and run the course in your own time, using your smartphone to record the checkpoints you've visited.

As long as you include your name when using the app, we'll add your time to a scoreboard, so we can have a little bit of friendly competition. There will be 8 events and your top 4 scores on one standard of course will count.

Course Standard Criteria Recommended for...
White Very easy- follow line features (like paths, fences, hedges) between controls no more than 100m apart. Primary aged juniors, who have limited experience of orienteering.
Yellow Easy- follow line features, but might have to make decisions between controls. Some corner cutting might be fastest. Experienced primary aged juniors and newcomer, younger teens.
Micro-Sprint Variable difficulty- does not follow line features. Some more challenging terrain and route choice. Experienced juniors and adults who fancy a challenge.


How it works:

1. Check the BOK website to see the location of the week's event.

2. Create an account on UsynligO on the PC (to download maps) and download the app to your smart phones (see this handy guide for more information on the app)

3. Visit Print off the maps you want to use. Don't forget to put in a plastic wallet or use waterproof paper.

4. Whenever you fancy in the week, head to the location and load up the app, which can help you find your way to the start triangle. Make sure you turn the phone GPS on and change the app GPS settings to those recommended in the course description. Don't forget to include your name so we can log your time!

5. When you're ready, press start and complete the course as fast as you can. Make sure you wait at each control to hear the jingle that tells you you've found the correct control. Depending on your phone GPS, this can sometimes take a few seconds (up to 20+). There is also a noise for finding the wrong control, so check the screen of your phone on your first race, so you get to know the noises. 

6. As you finish, you will get a fanfare from the app and you are done! The app will save your result and we'll add it to our score sheet.