Getting to events - Event signage

OK, you've taken the plunge and decided  to come along to your first event. The event details will probably give a postcode -  this is usually a point on a public road from which the exact location of the event parking and assembly areas will be signposted. Once you get to the postcode location, expect to see signs like those shown below. For larger events the signage starts before you arrive at the given postcode, e.g. at road junctions along the main approach routes.

BOF SignA standard British Orienteering sign - more likely to be seen at larger events.

BOK SignA typical BOK sign - used at the majority of our local events.

KiteAn orienteering control kite (but without the number) - more likely to be seen at an informal event.

BOK Lift Share Group

"The club holds a list of members who are interested in regularly or occasionally sharing lifts. The list is kept on a computer. Every time the list is updated it is emailed to members who have expressed an interest in lift sharing. If you are interested in lift sharing email me your name, address, telephone number and contact email address."

Carol Iddles, Lift Share Group Coordinator


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