How to download and install UsynligO

UsynligO App

The virtual orienteering mobile app that we have chosen to use is call 'UsynligO' which has been developed by a Norwegian (hence the name, which means 'InvisibleO' in Norwegian).  It is used extensively in Scandinavia - and already has over 1400 locations available worldwide, ranging from Urban Sprints to the most complex of remote forest terrain!

We have chosen to use it for its simplicity - it is easy for us to get maps to you quickly - and more importantly it is easy to use as an orienteer.

Why use the app?:

  • The app tracks your location via GPS and vibrates and makes a sound when you have found the next control point (it also plays a different sound when you hit the wrong control).
  • Beginners can get help whilst doing a course, as it is possible to ask the app for hints (direction and distance).
  • It gives you a set of results at the end - showing your time and splits - useful in training
  • You can share your results if you want and compare them to others on the same course
  • It's fun! It even plays a little fanfare when you finish the course!

More details about the app and how to download it are available here:

The app is available for both iPhone and Android - the links to download it directly are below:

Apple App Store

Google Store

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