BOK Local Event & ASO - Ashton Court, Bristol - 13th January 2019
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Local Event
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BOK Local and Junior League


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It was great to see so many of you at today’s event.  I’m sorry if some had to wait for a recycled map or dibber.  I also apologise to earlier finishers who were told they had mis-punched at number 5.  The box here had failed early in the morning and been replaced.  I had forgotten to tell the computer we had done this, so it is all my fault not yours.

We and British Orienteering are conducting a survey over a few of our events to see how we could do things better.  It would be very useful if you would complete the survey at

If anyone has a query on the results please contact me via the club’s contact form.

Alan Honey

Planners Comment
A Big thank you to all those that helped to make this a great day out at Ashton Court. It was certainly an overwhelming turnout and we quickly ran out of maps for the predicted numbers. I am sorry that I had to beg so many maps for recycling when I was stationed at the Finish flag but I have asked for the "PDF copy of the full set of maps" to be available here with the results so that you can have a copy if you want.
It was great to see so many young runners enjoying the day and also many novice adults appreciating the event and the fun it gave them. I do hope you all will be enthused  to orienteer again and hopefully join BOK our great club.....   As this was a supposedly small event, I had not planned a blue course and the challenge for the Green  was to make it sufficiently challenging in an area which is also familiar to many. So I tried to add in some tricky choices and a few traps to keep you on your toes. It was satisfying to find from your post-run comments that the effort was appreciated. There was one control and leg on the green course that was in retrospect too entangled with the bike track. I had not been in that area of the course on a Sunday to appreciate the potential conflict of interest there. Thanks to those that commented and I hope it was not too much of an issue.
Tony Lloyd

Series Scores

After three events in this season's BOK Local League, the scores to date are now available. Please email '' if you think you are missing from the list (to be eligible, runners need to be members of BOF).

Current leaders are:

Green ::
1st Chris Atkins 254
2nd David Faulkner 249
3rd Andrew King 235
Light Green ::
1st Diana Nicoll 270
2nd Amy Lee-Jones 255
3rd Theresa Wheatcroft 254
Orange ::
1st Pamela Halsey 248
2nd Agnieszka Kaminska 241
3rd Lois Tiley 235
Yellow ::
1st Louisa Halsey 278
2nd Leni Hagen 190
3rd James Hickman 97
White ::
1st Emily Leathwood 172
2nd Isaac Anderson 172
3rd Sophie Leathwood 164